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4D Pioneers at Vivatech: An Innovation Partner with SNCF

The Vivatech 2023 event, which took place from June 15 to 17 in Paris, was an exceptional showcase for innovative companies from all over the world. Among them, 4D Pioneers had the honor of being invited by SNCF as an innovative startup and partner in the collaborative project Additive4Rail, which aims to revolutionize rail maintenance through additive manufacturing.

Vivatech, a show dedicated to technological innovation, was a resounding success this year. Here are some key figures that testify to the scale of the event:

• Number of attendees: More than 150,000 professionals, entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts gathered on this inaugural day of Vivatech 2023. The event attracted bright minds and thought leaders from around the world, all eager to discover the latest technological advances.

• Number of visitors: Over 50,000 visitors visited, taking advantage of the networking opportunities, product demonstrations and inspiring talks. This demonstrates the attractiveness of the event and the growing interest in cutting-edge innovations.

For 4D Pioneers, the Vivatech experience was a real success. Our collaboration with the SNCF has attracted the attention of key players in the railway industry as well as many industrialists interested in the latest technological advances.

The Additive4Rail project has generated great interest and has been hailed as a disruptive solution for maintenance and parts production in the rail sector.

The event was also a valuable opportunity to meet other innovators, exchange ideas and forge new collaborations.

Through this event, 4D Pioneers continues to push the boundaries of innovation, helping to shape the future of the rail industry with cutting-edge solutions.



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